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Perspective is key; life is beauty


But is “lost” the word to use

When you have nowhere else to be anyway?


Your mind is an infinitely large canvas

That only you can see and interpret and appreciate the art of


A sandbox for us to play in and enjoy

Overtaken by bigger, meaner kids who take it all too seriously


A gift that we’re all given for some reason

Without any single clue as to what exactly that reason might be


Something that we’re all a part of and exist within

And yet something we understand so little about, and can’t even begin to comprehend


Aurora Borealis

Like Aurora Borealis

You’re shining and vibrant


Indescribable with any words that

I know is your beauty


Unstoppable by the passage of time

Just like that northern light show


Simple, and elegant

Yet complicated and mind-boggling 

Every reason to keep on livin’ is a pretty good reason

All exchanges managed on and indebted to the network

Vast and far across the planet enough to reach them two and further

Grasped in hand, the key to each others’ hearts and lives

And in their minds etched a time that seemed so far beyond, yet near.


Intruding their consciousness with heavy, yet jovial imaginings

In a caress far less tangible than the ideal, but still at least a gesture,

Something to make the time pass until they may be in each other’s arms

However long the time until then may seem, and may be in reality.


So, love may bud and flourish in the space between two hearts

No matter how far.  In different worlds from each other,

It grows and becomes something more real than the wires it’s strung across

And that’s just not a thing that can be ignored, I think.


The general implication that adoration must sprout in the material world

Has never so successfully been proven incorrect

Because two minds, regardless of any factor the world can hurl at them,

Will always have the capability of falling in love.



Is this the apocalypse?

Living in a world we’ve torn apart ourselves

We say demons will come and destroy it all

Well, I think we’re the monsters here


And what’s scarier than that, I think

Is that I couldn’t be fucked to give a shit

Because it’s not my problem anyway

Because I like this broken world we live in


How can we call ourselves human

When we’ve never shown very much humanity

Only distrust and dishonour and stabbed backs

And a planet we’ve wrecked for all other creatures


After all, we’re just creatures born of mother nature too

Perhaps we’ve mastered our fate

Perhaps we’ve outsmarted nature, and all things natural

But nature isn’t finished with us yet.

Your smile

I wish I could float with you

    In the middle of a lake after dark

        In a canoe, just big enough for the two of us


And I wish I could fly up high

    In the sky like a bird in the early fall

        Without a single care in the world at all


And it really makes me think

    This bird can see any sight in the world

        But one wonder that it will never have the grace

            The grace of seeing every day, and basking in in beauty of


Is your smile.  So is it worth it to be the bird anyway?

I love you, you fucking cunt.

Dear everybody,

That means you.  You’re a douchebag.  You’re that asshole who can’t seem to figure out how to park between two white motherfucking lines, and for some reason feels the need to take up a portion of what would have been somebody else’s space.  You’re that self-important pretentious bastard who orders lattes that regular functioning human-fucking-beings can’t even pronounce and sits there sipping it while shopping for antique lampshades on his iPad while wearing a fedora like the stupid sheep he is.  You are that bitch at high school that enjoys making other peoples’ lives shitty because your life is good because you’re unreasonably hot.  I hate your fucking guts, you spineless shit.

You.  Me.  Everybody; you.

You’ve given me all the strength I could have ever asked for to continue existing on this planet that we don’t seem to belong on.  With all these other people, who don’t seem to have been granted the mental capabilities necessary to get along with each other.  With a population of people that were all given brains that are incompatible with the brains of others, forever incapable of ever fully understanding what another person thinks, feels, sees, hears, smells.  Because in comparison to your own palette, your own senses and sensitivities, you’re experiencing something entirely unique from everyone else.  You, I love you anyway.  Me.  Everybody.

When I look at you, I see me reflected back.  I see the same old tired eyes and worn out face and half-assed false smile.  Our struggles are equal, regardless of how we perceive them individually, you know, and I feel your stupid fruitless relentless petty pain.  I love you.

Don’t ever change,


Love is a four-letter word, and isn’t quite strong enough

I don’t have nice things, or money
But if I have you at least, my honey
I’ll make do with what I have;
I’ll have exactly what I need

Granted, there’s some space between us
But love, it thrives on want and lust
To be in each other’s arms
So that when you’re there you can appreciate it

And I’m not sure if I’m worthy
Of the love that I’m being given by you
But I’m not complaining in the least

So give me hell or give me heaven
It’ll all be worth the good time we’re havin’
And it’s nice to be able to relax,
Kick back and feel appreciated for once

Daily Prompt: BFFs

You gave way for a new paradigm on how to live my life

And a completely new and more peaceful, happier lifestyle did indeed follow

But peace and happiness aren’t exactly all you’ve ever stood for

Regardless of how you like to come off outwardly to people


Three long years of my life were spent in dedication to you

Dedication to the idea that I could spend the rest of my life happily 

In your care, and under your control, because control was kind of your thing

And being controlled was kind of mine


You’re a prime example of just how fast people can change

In the blink of an eye, I’m staring at a completely new person

A new person that I love equally as much as the old

But a new person that I understand and identify with much less


And there goes an innocent little girl, who loves to joke and play

And who loves music and snowy days and profound conversations

There goes “true love”, and here comes the new you

And all I can see is just a series of changes, all for the worst


The last time I saw her was to buy marijuana from her outside of Giant Tiger a few months ago.  I still think I miss her dearly, but I don’t like to admit that to myself.


Thank you, God

Thank you, God, for war and tears
And hate, and fears
And wasted years

But that’s just all you are.

And lives that you’ve made useless
Because they dedicated themselves
To something that causes so much suffering

All these good people who have been tricked
Tricked into thinking that maybe they’re
Standing up for something that spreads love, not hate

But that’s not what you are.

So thank you, God, for ruined lives
And beaten wives
And all those lies.


My parents always did tell me to thank God for all the things he’s given us!  I think this pretty much sums it up.


Black Coffee

My coffee, I drink it black

Because sweetness is something I’ve come to lack

And my life doesn’t need that anyway

So I drink my coffee black.


And my beer, I drink so warm

Because it’s not meant to be enjoyed anyway

I drink it when I’m alone, on my own, without you

Because your disapproving stares aren’t helping me at all.


My life, I take it for granted so often

Though I know I never should, and will regret it

I still do so, never with the consideration that maybe someday I’ll be something

Something I can finally be proud of instead of whatever I am now.


I’ve always hated shitty stupid depressing art like this

I mean, if you would be as generous as to call it art anyway

But it’s what is haunting my mind today, I’ll never claim to be proud

And here it is, regardless of your opinion on it and regardless of its quality.


Fuck you, and fuck all the time I wasted trying so hard to please you

Maybe you’re impossible to please, and maybe I’m just not cut out for it

But in my mind, what counts is the effort and dedication I put into it in the first place

And in your mind, I’m old news now anyway


Honestly, I can’t imagine too many people are going to be able to appreciate this at all.  It’s a somewhat free-verse poem I guess.  I kind of followed a pattern or rhyme scheme or whatever in the first stanza, but I gave it up pretty much immediately.  This was a way for me to spill my thoughts and feelings today, and you’re free to take away from it whatever you please.  I’m sorry if this seems whiny or depressing or just plain unworthy of the attention you put into it, but it is what it is.  Thanks for reading.