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Thank you, God

Thank you, God, for war and tears
And hate, and fears
And wasted years

But that’s just all you are.

And lives that you’ve made useless
Because they dedicated themselves
To something that causes so much suffering

All these good people who have been tricked
Tricked into thinking that maybe they’re
Standing up for something that spreads love, not hate

But that’s not what you are.

So thank you, God, for ruined lives
And beaten wives
And all those lies.


My parents always did tell me to thank God for all the things he’s given us!  I think this pretty much sums it up.



Religion is a really convenient solution to all yours problems

And by “convenient”, I mean “lazy and ignorant”.  Let me elaborate… 

I find it hilarious (and discouraging) lately how many excuses Christians in particular can make about pretty much anything.  Say for instance, the anti-evolutionary claim that dinosaur fossils were put underground by God to test our faith.  As silly as that sounds, it’s actually a belief that a lot of people stand whole-heartedly by, even despite all the proof that we have of the contrary (such as “things can’t magically appear out of nowhere by the will of somebody’s imaginary friend”).  That’s just one example of how Christians (and folks of other religions denominations) like to attempt to invalidate years of scientific research with whatever the fuck they can come up with off the top of their small minds at any given moment.  They have all the “answers”, because they believe that all the answers they will ever need in life exist in a 2000+-year-old book that claims the Earth has four corners, and women should be treated like less-than human beings.  Of course, I can’t see any problems with this – why shouldn’t we have the right to beat our wives for “misbehaving”.  While we’re at it, don’t forget to stone homosexuals in the street for wanting to put their dick in something you’d prefer personally to not put your dick in!  In fact, anybody who thinks outside of your small mind’s ideologies should go too – fuck them for having opinions you don’t agree with, that’s not a right that all humans have at all!

Oh shit, I got side-tracked…

My point here is that religion seems – to me, anyway – like a lazy man’s (or woman’s, obviously) excuse to not have to use their brains, or change their opinions based on solid evidence and facts.  They have it easy – they can just deny whatever the fuck they want and claim God did some bullshit thing to make it seem like what our scientific evidence suggests is true, but it really isn’t.  Why learn and expand your small mind when you can just deny everything and turn a blind eye to the truth?