by thetigglesworth

Lately, anti cyber-bullying laws have been arising in a lot of different places (including Nova Scotia, where I reside).  I couldn’t even believe it when I first heard that there would be legal consequence for cyber-bullying… and, after hearing a lot of arguments in favour of such laws, I do understand where they’re coming from with it.  Am I in favour of laws controlling how people treat others on the internet?  Absolutely fucking not.  It’s censorship to a great extent, and it’s completely unnecessary.  In case nobody’s noticed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a website that doesn’t offer the possibility to “block” and “report” users who are harassing you.  And actually, they don’t even need to be harassing you, you can just fuckin’ block ’em whenever you feel like it, it’s not particularly difficult.  If somebody’s continually messaging you on Facebook saying hurtful things, the “block” button isn’t exactly a hidden feature.  Bloody fucking use it.


It should be the responsibility of the webmaster of any given website to moderate and govern the happenings on their sites.  Or, on websites where users can potentially abuse other users, perhaps they should write a very clearly-worded and difficult to not notice warning stating that other users may have unkind things to say to you, and you should be weary of that if you think it would be a threat to your self-esteem or well-being.  If people want to say unkind things about you, power to them.  They have every right in the world to state their opinion of you; sure, perhaps it’s unnecessary and distasteful, but it’s their choice to make.  If webmasters don’t like abusive content on their site, then they can react to it accordingly – the content (inside of the law; no CP, etc) on their website should be up to them, ultimately, not up to how the government dictates people can interact with each other on social media.  Fuck censorship, and fuck you if you’re too stupid and shitty to find the motherfucking “block” button.  Open your god damn eyes.


If you’ve been victimized by a cyber bully, I urge you to simply block them.  You’ll make your life a lot easier.  Don’t believe anything they say about you; they’re just looking for a reaction, it’s not even fuckin’ worth it.  That person doesn’t deserve criminal consequences and a criminal record just because of a stupid thing they said on the internet.  Get the fuck over it.  Somebody thinks you’re a bitch?  That’s no reason to get the Feds involved.  And if you think it is a good reason to get the Feds involved, maybe you’re actually just a fucking bitch.