Every reason to keep on livin’ is a pretty good reason

by thetigglesworth

All exchanges managed on and indebted to the network

Vast and far across the planet enough to reach them two and further

Grasped in hand, the key to each others’ hearts and lives

And in their minds etched a time that seemed so far beyond, yet near.


Intruding their consciousness with heavy, yet jovial imaginings

In a caress far less tangible than the ideal, but still at least a gesture,

Something to make the time pass until they may be in each other’s arms

However long the time until then may seem, and may be in reality.


So, love may bud and flourish in the space between two hearts

No matter how far.  In different worlds from each other,

It grows and becomes something more real than the wires it’s strung across

And that’s just not a thing that can be ignored, I think.


The general implication that adoration must sprout in the material world

Has never so successfully been proven incorrect

Because two minds, regardless of any factor the world can hurl at them,

Will always have the capability of falling in love.