by thetigglesworth

Howdy, readers!

Today at school, I got suspended.  No, I didn’t beat the shit out of another student, or act violently in any way.  I didn’t make a violent threat, or any other threat toward another student or their safety.  I didn’t disobey anything my teachers told me to do, or speak out against them in any way.  Allow me to illustrate the basic idea of what happened…

Other student: “I want to buy something.  I have like a dollar fifty in bitch change.”

Me: “You mean, like, Jew change?” *jokingly

Other student: “Yeah.  Jew change.” *laughing

Teacher: “Hey, you can’t say ‘Jew Change’.” *chuckling

Me: “Oh, okay.  Sorry.”

Now, that should have been the end of that exchange.  We went about the rest of the day normally, and I never heard another thing about it.  He had corrected me, I accepted the correction, and had no intention of repeating it again; the lesson was learned.  At the end of the day, while waiting for my ride home, the same teacher pulled me aside, and told me that he talked to the principal about what happened, and they decided that I should be suspended for it.  I said okay, and that I understood that school board policy dictates that they have to punish me for it anyway… but honestly, I’m pretty fucking baffled.  Why was a suspension necessary?  

What they’re doing is putting my education on hold for a harmless comment.  My “punishment” is that I have to sit at home browsing 4chan and masturbating instead of doing school work.  I didn’t need to be suspended; I wasn’t threatening the safety of anyone else, I wasn’t bullying another student, I wasn’t doing anything that could have in any way harmed another human being there – and if somebody was hurt as a result of it, I was corrected and school life went on as usual.  This has been the first time I’ve been suspended since grade 6 (in an equally as ridiculous situation where I said the words “damn it” after dropping a pencil), and I feel – as I did then – as if I’m being victimized by a set of rules that shouldn’t even exist.  Or at least, that shouldn’t be nearly as fucking strict as they are.  All it takes is a 6-week-old brain-dead abortion with fucking autism to see that a suspension benefits nobody in any way.  It doesn’t reinforce the lesson I learned, it just makes me hate this schooling system more and it gets me a day behind on school work.  Fuck you, AVRSB.  I hope I return to school and you punish me for exercising my freedom of speech here, you morons.  

What’s even worse is, it’s not even an uncommon occurrence for people to be suspended for small slips of the tongue at my school.  Like, come the fuck on, just correct people, have them accept that they misspoke and understand that it wasn’t appropriate, and then let them get on with their education.  Your job isn’t to make it difficult for us to learn.  I’m not angry though; I’ll enjoy my day of 4chan.