A human being should never hit another human being

by thetigglesworth

Something about when people say “a man should never, ever hit a woman” kind of rubs me the wrong way.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with it, but I don’t think it quite goes far enough.  No, a man should never hit a woman – but is it perfectly okay for a woman to hurt a man?  Why do you never see people saying that, why do you never hear of all the women who are physically violent toward men?  A man who hits a woman is considered a scumbag and a waste of human flesh (which he very well may be), but a woman who hits a man “probably had a good reason to”, and the man should “toughen up and stop bitching about it” or whatever.  Nobody takes it seriously at all, but it’s a serious problem.

I think a much better thing to say would be “a human being should never hit another human being”.  It’s simple, it’s easy to remember, it and covers everyone – it covers both genders, all ethnicities, people of all beliefs, disabilities, orientations, gender identities… when somebody strikes somebody else, the severity of that action should never be based on who administered the strike, and who received it.  This goes with the exception, of course, of a perfectly healthy adult striking anyone who is completely defenceless, such as a small child.  Why is this such a difficult concept?  I’m pretty sure my scrawny, peaceful, and physically weak self could get pummelled by some athletic female, and people would either laugh or just not give a shit.  Meanwhile, a scrawny, peaceful, and physically weak female getting the shit kicked out of her by a jock would be (rightfully so) considered incredibly disgusting and (again, rightfully so) yield hefty repercussions for the offender.  As a male in this situation, I definitely have the shittier end of the stick – I’m predefined as being an asshole, untrustworthy, unfaithful, violent by nature, sex-driven, etc. based solely on the fact that I have a penis.  And what’s worse is, this is completely normal and most folks don’t have the sense in them to see what’s wrong with that.

Violence is a terrible act, no matter who commits it, and no matter who receives it.  Remember this.

Live in peace, my friends.  🙂