Daily Prompt: BFFs

by thetigglesworth

You gave way for a new paradigm on how to live my life

And a completely new and more peaceful, happier lifestyle did indeed follow

But peace and happiness aren’t exactly all you’ve ever stood for

Regardless of how you like to come off outwardly to people


Three long years of my life were spent in dedication to you

Dedication to the idea that I could spend the rest of my life happily 

In your care, and under your control, because control was kind of your thing

And being controlled was kind of mine


You’re a prime example of just how fast people can change

In the blink of an eye, I’m staring at a completely new person

A new person that I love equally as much as the old

But a new person that I understand and identify with much less


And there goes an innocent little girl, who loves to joke and play

And who loves music and snowy days and profound conversations

There goes “true love”, and here comes the new you

And all I can see is just a series of changes, all for the worst


The last time I saw her was to buy marijuana from her outside of Giant Tiger a few months ago.  I still think I miss her dearly, but I don’t like to admit that to myself.