Black Coffee

by thetigglesworth

My coffee, I drink it black

Because sweetness is something I’ve come to lack

And my life doesn’t need that anyway

So I drink my coffee black.


And my beer, I drink so warm

Because it’s not meant to be enjoyed anyway

I drink it when I’m alone, on my own, without you

Because your disapproving stares aren’t helping me at all.


My life, I take it for granted so often

Though I know I never should, and will regret it

I still do so, never with the consideration that maybe someday I’ll be something

Something I can finally be proud of instead of whatever I am now.


I’ve always hated shitty stupid depressing art like this

I mean, if you would be as generous as to call it art anyway

But it’s what is haunting my mind today, I’ll never claim to be proud

And here it is, regardless of your opinion on it and regardless of its quality.


Fuck you, and fuck all the time I wasted trying so hard to please you

Maybe you’re impossible to please, and maybe I’m just not cut out for it

But in my mind, what counts is the effort and dedication I put into it in the first place

And in your mind, I’m old news now anyway


Honestly, I can’t imagine too many people are going to be able to appreciate this at all.  It’s a somewhat free-verse poem I guess.  I kind of followed a pattern or rhyme scheme or whatever in the first stanza, but I gave it up pretty much immediately.  This was a way for me to spill my thoughts and feelings today, and you’re free to take away from it whatever you please.  I’m sorry if this seems whiny or depressing or just plain unworthy of the attention you put into it, but it is what it is.  Thanks for reading.