Introductory Bullshit

by thetigglesworth

Hey there!

If you’re reading this, you have the distinct pleasure of being on one of the finest and most prestigious blogs the web has to offer, written and managed by the handsome, intelligent, and marvellous Tigglesworth!  What’s that?  You’ve never heard of me?  Well, I don’t know what cave you’ve been living in for the past 40 years, but I am quite possibly the most famously wonderful blogger to ever grace the web with my presence!  Well, okay… maybe not “famously”, but definitely wonderful.

What bullshit to expect:

  • Excessive coarse language (this blog may not be suitable for younger audiences)
  • Mature content and subject matter (again, not for tiny eyes.  I’m not talkin’ pornography here, but I sure do fuckin’ love to use offensive language and content for the sake of humour.  Swearing makes you cool, right?  Right?!)
  • Canadianisms (not really suitable for anyone to view, come think of it…)
  • Strong opinions.
  • Short stories 
  • Poems
  • News (probably with a pretty biased undertone in any news article that I write)

If you don’t like what I post, you should consider:

  • Sodomizing yourself with a cactus.
  • Jumping off a cliff.
  • Driving drunk.
  • Wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt at a rock concert.
  • Swallowing a razor.
  • Emailing me about how angry you are (hate mail is very welcome, send it along to!  If I get enough hate mail, I’ll make articles responding to it in a very kind and humble fashion).  
  • Playing in traffic.

I think that just about covers everything that needs covering.  Y’all have a lovely day, whatever day it is that you’ve reading this.  I love all of you bastards, and don’t you forget it.